New Space Scene


Started up a new project inside Unreal 4 the past couple of days. I’ve always had a deep desire and interest in space and stories inside of them (see: Star Wars), so with that and the fact that my senior thesis was space based (pun intended) in should come as no surprise that I would end up there eventually again. My plan is to re-do my original space base thesis project and in turn show off some of the new skills and programs I’ve been working in!


While I’ve handled the Skybox and attributes so far, I was having a hard time showing off planets or large bodies inside of such a large and dark space. Thankfully after a little bit of digging I came across this handy little tut that helped with self-lighting the planets and making them much more visible in this kind of scene.

With some of the bits and pieces from the material setup I was able to mock up a nice star of sorts as well that will serve as the “main light” for the scene.

Keep posted!


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