New Space Scene


Started up a new project inside Unreal 4 the past couple of days. I’ve always had a deep desire and interest in space and stories inside of them (see: Star Wars), so with that and the fact that my senior thesis was space based (pun intended) in should come as no surprise that I would end up there eventually again. My plan is to re-do my original space base thesis project and in turn show off some of the new skills and programs I’ve been working in!


While I’ve handled the Skybox and attributes so far, I was having a hard time showing off planets or large bodies inside of such a large and dark space. Thankfully after a little bit of digging I came across this handy little tut that helped with self-lighting the planets and making them much more visible in this kind of scene.

With some of the bits and pieces from the material setup I was able to mock up a nice star of sorts as well that will serve as the “main light” for the scene.

Keep posted!

Illuminare Level Screengrabs

I’ve got a couple images here inside of our multiplayer level for Illuminare. The multiplayer was designed to be inside of our eventual single player world and when it came to level designing we tried to make it as multipurpose as possible. Large colorful trees, crystals, and elements of our “magic-punk” styling are plentiful in almost every corner of the level.

(Please Click images for gallery and Full-Size)