New Space Scene


Started up a new project inside Unreal 4 the past couple of days. I’ve always had a deep desire and interest in space and stories inside of them (see: Star Wars), so with that and the fact that my senior thesis was space based (pun intended) in should come as no surprise that I would end up there eventually again. My plan is to re-do my original space base thesis project and in turn show off some of the new skills and programs I’ve been working in!


While I’ve handled the Skybox and attributes so far, I was having a hard time showing off planets or large bodies inside of such a large and dark space. Thankfully after a little bit of digging I came across this handy little tut that helped with self-lighting the planets and making them much more visible in this kind of scene.

With some of the bits and pieces from the material setup I was able to mock up a nice star of sorts as well that will serve as the “main light” for the scene.

Keep posted!

Illuminare Level Screengrabs

I’ve got a couple images here inside of our multiplayer level for Illuminare. The multiplayer was designed to be inside of our eventual single player world and when it came to level designing we tried to make it as multipurpose as possible. Large colorful trees, crystals, and elements of our “magic-punk” styling are plentiful in almost every corner of the level.

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Illuminare 2D Art Dump

In the Fall of 2012 after graduating college at RMCAD, myself and several other students began a little idea that we called Project Wiin. Although the game, team, and locations have changed, we’ve maintained our original vision: to try and create a game that we wanted to play. Elements like story, art, and teamwork were at the forefront of our minds as we tried to create something refreshing enough to put our name on the map. We worked hard to create a lore and setting that would be reminiscent of familiar things while maintaining a certain aesthetic that was out of this world.

After quite some time compiling and sifting through the sheer number of bits and pieces we’ve put together for this game I’d like to begin to show some of it off. The following is a collection of 2D & 3D work done by Caleb Brooks, Jesse Suhr, and myself as well as some freelanced work for our independent studio’s game project : Illuminare. While the game itself is on indefinite hiatus, it would be disheartening for the people who worked on it to not have their efforts shown off.

During production we enjoyed most every minute of the process and unfortunately hit some technical limitations within our team that brought things to a halt. Life moved all of us on to bigger and better things but that being said, the process and the work we have to show is a testament of the progress we’ve made as artists. It is my intention to compile the second half of things, a.k.a. the 3D bits, here in the near future and hopefully give you the full effect of the story we were beginning to tell.

(Please click on images for gallery and full scale views)